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Rick Wescott

ICF Member and Creditualied
Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
to Entrepreneurs and SMB Owners.


Rick brings a combination of business acuity and spiritual awareness to his clients enabling him to offer a unique and refreshing coaching perspective, one that gives the personal freedom and power to achieve success in all areas of life at the same time.

His background creates a coaching environment designed for the entrepreneurial executive who is driven by results and success; while simultaneously desiring to increase their personal and spiritual development in a way that will empower every area of life for maximum happiness.


Rick's coaching style is bespoke to the individual client, influenced by training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Positive Psychology, focusing on strengths and narrative coaching.


Rick's background includes:


• 30+ years in sales and management

• Fortune 500 & Silicon Valley Start-ups

• $39M+ in personal sales

• $420M+ in managed  team sales


• ICF Member and Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

• Passion Test Facilitator

• Ordained Metaphysical Minister

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