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What our STARS are saying

Christopher S.

Rick is an amazing coach and I was so excited when I found him. You owe it to yourself to meet with him for a free session. I instantly connected with him and I knew this man had found his calling. He is truly gifted and has already brought much greater joy in my life. He will never judge you and I feel like I can tell him anything. Put your worst foot forward with Rick and he will help you to turn it around!!


Age 36

Kareena S.

I was looking for a business coach/sales coach/life coach that understood my world. Rick showed me right away that he could help me with all of those aspects of my life and others, we started to jump from one thing to the next so fluidly and effectively because communication was easy. Rick is professional, effective, knowledgeable and has relatable experience. I feel very comfortable sharing with him my thoughts and feeling without feeling judged. To top it off, he has great energy and listens very well!


Age 24

Nelson C.

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Rick does not “judge” ; I so much appreciate that. He has guided me over the past year in overcoming a negative self worth and has promoted within me a sincere love of ALL souls , and especially my OWN . If I should have a weak moment , I KNOW that Rick would take my call or email. My biggest regret is that I did not find Rick and Stellarevol many years ago, but am grateful that I have found his help even at this stage of my life. 



Age 72

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