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Jennifer Wescott

I AM passionate about helping you discover and become the Diamond you truly are. 


Your Diamond lies deep within your heart and is the key that unlocks your unique and greatest purpose in this life; one that brings bliss, peace, and prosperity to your heart, mind, and life. 


My greatest gift is the ability to see the powers that lie within you, to gracefully and effectively guide you on an intimate journey inside yourself. You will come to know and love the most divine powerful light within you; the one who knows exactly who you are, why you are here and what your greatest desires and powers are.


Your Diamond will show you how to create a life beyond what you can even imagine in this moment! 


You will no longer look outside of you for happiness or answers.  You will know how to go inside for your own answers and how to trust those answers.  You will discover limiting beliefs, thoughts and speech that hold you back. 


You will discover how to reprogram those old beliefs into new ones that are aligned with your authentic self and highest purpose.  You will have all the tools you need to overcome internal and external obstacles. 


You will lead your life and make decisions with your heart rather than fear.  You will have confidence knowing that you “Were Born to Win!” in life.


Your dreams will be reawakened and you will go on to dream bigger dreams than ever before and those dreams will come true!

You will Be The Master of your own Universe

Your time is NOW!

Jennifer's Credentials

ICF Certified Life, Relationship, Career and Executive Coach

(Goal Imagery Institute)

14 years successful Entrepreneur of Health and Wellness business  San Francisco, CA 

25 years as an Energy and Bodyworker 

University of MN Graduate 1994

NCAA D-I Gymnast

BS. Kinesiology/Sociology

Let's get started!
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